About us

Welcome to the Wielkopolska Agency for Enterprise Development Ltd (WARP)!

WARP is a company that has been providing support to entrepreneurs for 10 years now. The primary aim of our activity is to develop the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises in Wielkopolska Region by providing loans.

From inception to 30 June 2013 WARP has provided 1753 loans amounting to almost 250 million PLN. The average value of loans is about 100 thousand PLN.

WARP helps entrepreneurs to identify their needs and potential by providing Consultation Points where anyone can get free advice and assistance on doing business in Wielkopolska.

7000 customers took advantage of services provided by WARP Consultation Points.

European Social Fund Regional Centre run by WARP shows opportunities of financing, encourages entrepreneurs to apply for ESF and assists during project implementation.

In the 2007-2013 financial perspective, the company as regional partner of PARP (government agency) is responsible in Wielkopolska for the implementation of Innovative Economy Operational Programme.


We have been working together for 12 years!!

Thank you for your initiatives, cooperation, and permanent trust.

Wielkopolska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości Sp. z o.o.

ul. Piekary 19
61-823 Poznań

tel. +48 61 656 35 00
fax. +48 61 656 53 66
e-mail: info@warp.org.pl

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Wielkopolska Agency for Enterprise Development Ltd.)
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